In the life free of rights

French communication and event management company Scopic has created a tumblr dedicated to humorously assembling stereotypes, clichés and "unbelievable situations" found in stock photography. It is called Dans la Vie Libre de Droits which loosely translates as In the Life Free of Royalties. Here's some examples:

In the life free of royalties, we haven't understood piggy banks were made for coins.
In the life free of royalties, one doesn't look at one's glass when pouring...
In the life free of royalties, we play the guitar unplugged.
In the life free of royalties, we run in a suit.
In the life free of royalties, we love to write backwards in a transparent board during meetings.
In the life free of royalties, there's no such thing as pain!
In the life free of royalties, doctors love to listen and treat green apples.
In the life free of royalties, we love to take a walk with a bunco of balloons and sometimes we even take flight with them!
In the life free of royalties, pickpockets know how to keep unnoticed!
In the life free of royalties, money is fertile.

A bonus for those that came this far. The video for Darwin Deez's You can't be my girl was made using stock footage only.
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An almost fiction by Fábio Cunha
When I was learning
How to ride my bike
My uncle told me:
"to learn, you will have
to fall many times"
I started falling on purpose.
So says the author, Fábio Cunha. Almost Fiction, is his limited edition, self published book made on the road, with a bicycle and a 35 mm camera passing through different countries. The words above are written in the first page and are some of the few you will find there. According to him, through physical exertion the landscape became a laboratory where he concocted an "almost fiction" from unusual situation found in reality.

12th July, near Dresden - It´s noon; I stopped to eat an apple and drink water. 5 days ago I started. The constant equilibrium and the physical exertion triggers the thought to find unusual situations. I dedicated these last days cycling and building pictures, assumptions of small narratives that make reality an almost fiction. A path that ends in a tree, a man who “cuts” the countryside running, a house that is slowly swallowed by the earth. Images that are experiences, possibilities of performative landscapes that by its inherent strangeness cause doubts and force decisions. Keep on.

Cunha is an Architect by education and a photographer by choice. You may be able to find a copy in STET bookshop, Lisbon, or by emailing the blog.

Fabio Cunha
21,5 x 16,5cm | 60 pág. | 25 imagens
Edição de 150 cópias
White Lemon, 2014

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Slides, co-founded by  Hakim El Hattab, is the new installment of what used to be, a service for authoring, storing, presenting and sharing presentations, or slide decks. You can check out the Welcome to Slides presentation (embedded below) so you can see an example of what you can do with it - very meta!

The Slides editor is web-based so all of your work is stored in Slide's servers, accessible wherever you can get online. You can also export a PDF and share or print it for your audience. Decks are mobile ready and can be embedded inside of a site or blog and downloaded for full offline access.
It's free to sign up, bur here's the catch: with the free plan all the presentations you create are public. If you want more privacy, sharing, editing and exporting options as well as more storage space you have to pay up - from 6$ to 14$ a month.

In his website, swedish born new york based, Hakim El Hattab says he's an engineer but he is really a digital artist. This interactive developer was originally a flash developer having worked on heavy on animation websites for the likes of Nintendo and BBC. This background gave him a particular way of thinking about everything in motion. He now works manly with HTML/Javascript developing incredible interactive web apps.

Him being swedish, many of his apps have swedish names, like Avgrund, Meny and Fukus - like most of his recent work, these are a couple of useful UI elements.

On the entertainment side of things, he developed an html5 modern take on the snake game called Sinuous, "a game with a single objective: avoid colliding with the red dots." is a tool which allows you to recreate images using thousands of letters of text.

Then, there is Sketch Toy, "a drawing application where lines appear to vibrate slightly like in an old cartoon. Sketches can be saved to a unique link and when shared, the sketch will replay as it was originally drawn." There are some seriously impressive drawing animations posted in the app's facebook page.

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UZTA bag - model NOCE

UZTA bags are handmade with premium quality recycled italian leather - leather which due to processing blemishes would not be used in the traditional market. "Every scratch, mark or burnt is a leitmotif in our products" writes Ilaria Bozzini, the designer behind UZTA. They are made in Portugal.

Italian born Ilaria Bozzini is a tinkerer at heart. She is currently based in Lisbon where she works in different medium like illustration, design, ceramics, photography, drawing and clothing, fulfilling her desire to adapt to a rapidly changing and unpredictable world.

Bags are sold at the Alexandra Moura store in Lisbon, or by writing directly to 

Also, check out her OBÔ project  - a limited edition book containing photographs made in the islands of São Tomé and Príncipe. OBÔ - dense forest in the local dialect - is a collections of stories accompanied by illustrations. It comes in a lovely envelope including two postcards. Buy it HERE.

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Uncube Magazine

uncube magazine's logo references its minimal menu design

Uncube is a digital magazine which displays a new paradigm in the way it presents content. It offers single themed issues that you can flick through or thoroughly immerse yourself into. Find out more about the website's design in the video below:

uncube is a new digital magazine for architecture and beyond. 
Against the constant humming of online news feeds, uncube offers a space to breathe. Berlin-based with an international perspective, we care about authorship, curated content, and looking good – with thoughtfully considered and beautifully designed graphics and spreads. uncube combines the ease of the internet with the sensibility of print: both reflexive to the current yet reflective of the longer view – and all delivered with a lightness of touch.
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Cyriac's an amazing artist. A true digital renaissance master. He dwells in animation using "photoshop and after affects", illustration, comics and even photography. He might be best known for a surreal animation of bovine inspiration.

Animated gif which can be tiled horizontally.

I found him out thanks to a video made for a remix of the band Hooray for Earth by Cereal Spiller. "Its a journey through fractal isometric geometry".


Be sure to check out his amazing website, a collection of his doings, specially the gif gallery.

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System Sound

Nuno Pimenta presented his project System Sound as part of the Prenúncio exhibition, part of the Locomotiva project, in Porto - Portugal.

Last five images by Miguel Oliveira in Porto24
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Human Pantone by Angelica Dass

Humanae is an ongoing photographic series by brazilian photographer Angelica Dass whose goal is to sort of catalogue the spectrum of human skin color, our "true colors" in the words of Cindy Lauper, if you will, a spectrum not as wide as we are led to believe.

seen first on Visual News™
see Angelica Dass' Tumblr aswel

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